More about me

I love instrumental music, anime (anything by Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki's works are my favorites), and documentaries. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in discussions about these topics, as well as books and podcasts, with people in small groups, all while savoring a cup of coffee or taking leisurely walks.

For several years now, I've maintained a Telegram channel where I share my thoughts, experiences, and topics that hold significant importance to me, such as literature, instrumental music, and embracing nature – it's a kind of diary. This corner never fails to uplift my spirits whenever I visit it. The channel is in Farsi and goes by the name "Wave 52," inspired by the story of the 52-hertz Whale.

I'm also passionate about phone photography. Photography has taught me to find beauty in everyday things from a different perspective. Recently, I submitted two of my favorite photos to Penn State contests: